CORPORate matters

Whether you are forming a company, implementing change or winding up a company, these processes always involve a great deal of administrative work and contact with the authorities. Leansa supplies small and medium-sized limited companies with professional help to deal with all manner of developments at the company.

Leansa manages change in connection with new share issues, mergers, registration or the election of a new board member. In the case of a change of ownership, for example, good long-term planning is essential. We have a great deal of practical experience in this area developed over many years and can deliver the right help and advice for you in a professional and efficient manner.

Company start-ups
Prior to the formation of a company, Leansa produces and manages all the necessary documents required to enable the company to be registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office – Bolagsverket. We can also help with advice and package solutions in the event that you wish to acquire a ready-made dormant company.

When a company needs to be wound up, Leansa can assist with the liquidation process. We can initially offer advice on the decision to liquidate and provide information about potential alternative courses of action and how the process works. We can then appoint a liquidator and help with documentation for decisions, implementation and registration with Bolagsverket.

We have experience of both structural and strategic change management.

  • High-quality economic assessments
  • Coordination of complex financial transactions
  • Company start-ups
  • Liquidation
  • Acquisitions, mergers, sale of a business
  • Due diligence
  • Directorships
  • Financial manuals and procedural descriptions