cfo interim

Capacity and provision of skills

We can support and take some of the burden off the finance organisation by:

  •  Assuming a temporary operational role.
  • Undertaking an urgent task.
  • Providing specialist skills for a limited period.
  • Running or participating in a project.
  • Taking over the management of a specific task or process on site.
  • Providing energy and impartiality in special situations.

We offer a rapid and invaluable interim solution and adopt a thorough approach to your financial control procedures.

  • Situations when project support may be required:
  • Acquisitions
  • Implementation of systems
  • New owner requirements
  • Forecast revision
  • Financial manuals
  • Closing or re-locating an operation
  • Cost savings programmes
  • Product review and profitability analysis
  • Addressing comments from auditors